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Kasey Weinstein

Fitness Trainer

Kasey has been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years and has worked at some of the top gyms in Las Vegas. 


She discovered Pilates after graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice from UNLV, unsure of where and what to do next, and quickly became passionate about sharing the benefits of movement both on and off the mat. 


Her passion for Pilates and group fitness lead her to becoming certified and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness including strength training, HIIT, kettlebells, barre, TRX, and boxing. 


How BBK Started


When the pandemic hit, things started to look a little different for the fitness world. Gyms closed down, equipment became limited, and working out became much more challenging for many people. 


Like a lot of others, Kasey struggled to stay active during this time. Her relationship with herself and her body changed, and she was feeling the physical and mental impacts of not training the way she used to. Her motivation to workout was low, and she knew that something had to change. 


She discovered that if she could just commit to 30 mins a day moving her body, even with no equipment, it added up to big positive changes in all aspects of her life.


After rediscovering her love for movement and what made her originally become passionate about fitness, Body by Kasey was born. A variety of 30 min total body sculpting Hiit workouts designed to be fun and effective for people with limited equipment and limited time.


These workouts helped to bring the joy back into training for Kasey and brought her back to her “why”.  Using movement as a way to cultivate joy while growing stronger both mentally and physically.


Workout anywhere, anytime

When working out is easy and accessible, you are more likely to do it. All of these workouts can be streamed from any device at any time! 

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